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Ready to Take a Leap Forward in Document Control?

Then Automate your Company's Document Management with MAKIRA and Embrace the Future of Efficiency!

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Automate Repetitive Tasks

With MAKIRA, we’ve fine-tuned the way of business document automation. We bring together top-tier solutions, products, and services into one comprehensive suite. This means businesses using MAKIRA can focus solely on decisions that genuinely require a human touch, leaving the rest to our smart software – backed by artificial intelligence. And with our cockpit, you always have a clear view and control over the entire process.

MAKIRA stops manual document processing that feels like these robotic arms working on conveyor belt
MAKIRA Solutions

Stop Manual Handling – Start Automatic Processing

We get it – different documents, like sales orders, order confirmations, or incoming invoices, each come with their own unique challenges and time-consuming bits. And the way you’d automate things can vary based on the ERP system and the software you’re working with. Whether you’re on SAP, MS Dynamics 365, or something else, our solutions are tailor-made to fit just right. With us, automation feels effortless and unmatched.

MAKIRA automates each step in processing business documents so this logic algorithm with wooden cubes belongs to the past
MAKIRA Products

Work Smarter – Not Harder

We make sure that each step in handling your business document can be smoothly automated. This means not only creating the document (like in your ERP system) but also enhancing it with AI-powered data, figuring out if it needs a human touch for approval, and then securely storing it away in your archive.

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Scan on the Go!

We strive to make your processes as convenient as possible. That’s why we’ve published the MAKIRA App – now available in the App Store. With just a few taps, you can scan documents and initiate processing directly from your mobile device as well as access MAKIRA Reports on the go!

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Your documents will be easily transferred, automated, and archived in your existing ERP system and your workflow.
Enabled by new technologies such as robotics, machine learning and AI, the system only becomes smarter the more documents and content it handles.

The More,
The Better.

We’re also guided by impactful figures.
And undeniably, they spotlight the enhancement your team could experience with MAKIRA.


Reduction of manual work.


Document types supported.


Countries with a MAKIRA solution.

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Advance Your Business by Automating Your Document Handling

An overview of the full MAKIRA solution, covering its three products Capture, Document AI, and Approval – read more about how to get smarter document handling processes with our cognitive, technology-based solution.


With MAKIRA, You Can Do much More than just Handling Documents

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Eliminate manual tasks to free resources.

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Boost efficiency by transparency and easy access.

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Meet an expert for reliable guidance.

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Save space – a logical step.

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Impressed and All Set?

With an insight into what MAKIRA and our DMS offer, don’t hesitate to connect with us and deepen your understanding.