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Why MAKIRA Makes Business Better.

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Unifying Departments with Automation

Where human touch meets AI efficiency: Saving time with seamless and efficient AP (Accounts Payable), AR (Accounts Receivable), CS (Customer Service) and others.

Say goodbye to old document structures like these card index boxes: MAKIRA offers tailored solutions for automating various ERP Systems

Tailoring Solutions for Various ERP Systems

Navigate the complexities with our tailored approach: Dedicated solutions for unique document management needs such as invoices, sales orders, order confirmations and more.

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MAKIRA Means Complete Document Control

Ensuring full document control via an automated and efficient workflow through each process step like Create, Enrich, Approve and Archive.

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Innovative Services for over Three Decades

Boasting over a century of collective expertise in AP (Accounts Payable) automation, SAP ECC & S/4, and MS Dynamics 365, our team promises top-tier software solutions to our customers.

3 Keys of MAKIRA: Efficiency, Customization and Expertise.

# 1

AI-Powered Efficiency

MAKIRA's intelligent automation streamlines routines and repetitive tasks, allowing businesses to focus their energy on human-centric decisions.

# 2

Custom Solutions

Catering to diverse document types and ERP systems, our solutions are tailor-made to align with specific needs as every business is unique.

# 3

Decades of Expertise

With a rich history in automation and robot solutions, trust our team and our blend of unparalleled experience and innovation.

Combined, the products provide a solution for handling most documents, whether they are invoices, sales orders or order confirmations.
Documents are automatically recorded, categorized and enriched in your existing ERP system.

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Trusted to Elevate their Document Management.

Automation of Business Document Processes with MAKIRA by NTT DATA
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Shift from Time-Consuming Manual Methods to Seamless Document Management Automation.

MAKIRA is your new document handling suite. It handles everything from document capture to approval to account assignment in just a few clicks.

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Nickolaj Almskou Holler, Director of Financial Excellence & Tax at Bang & Olufsen, is a satisfied Makira user.
Nickolaj Almskou Holler
Director Financial Excellence & Tax, Bang & Olufsen
Today, with MAKIRA, we are in a much better position for exploring further steps to support our automation journey.

The System only Gets Smarter.

As more documents are processed, MAKIRA continually learns and refines its approach, optimizing your experience. Using MAKIRA as your DMS will save you at least 60% of the time spent on handling documents.


A Simple Price per Document.

With our transparent pricing structure, you only pay for what you process, making budgeting straightforward. Using MAKIRA for your document automation you will have no hosting costs, no license fees, and no updating costs.


What is MAKIRA?

An automated, cognitive, and technology-based document handling solution. Named after an owl species, MAKIRA draws inspiration from this bird’s wisdom and intelligence. These attributes mirror the essence of our solutions, products, and services. Our foundational DNA and vast experience, fortified by cutting-edge technologies, guarantee we deliver top-tier solutions for our customers.

Where can we find MAKIRA?

You will find MAKIRA solutions in 100+ countries all over the world – from the east coast of Australia to the west coast of the USA.

Why should we choose MAKIRA?

Because let’s be real: you should work smarter, not harder. If your company wants the best and most holistic business document automation, you should choose MAKIRA over anything else. See our reference stories for more details about how the time you save can then be used for other important things.

How much does it cost us?

You pay a monthly subscription covering the annual need for document processing, and an implementation fee to get started.

Which document types can it handle?

As MAKIRA is a holistic solution, a complete document management system for handling incoming documents for your company, it supports all document data formats or types; be it electronic (EDI), PDF, or by paper. These documents can be invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, HR documents, expenses, or receipts.

Which backend systems can be connected to the solution?

MAKIRA and its software can seamlessly connect to most backend systems like SAP, InfoM3, Dynamics and others.

How does the system know?

We replicate experience with AI. This means, our system quickly knows the same as existing end-users.


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