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Utilizing the latest technologies and software, our global team of experts provides solutions that are not just innovative but also showcase our unwavering dedication to excellence.

An owl representing MAKIRA's namesake


Inspired by the wisdom and intelligence of its namesake owl, MAKIRA represents the pinnacle of document management and business efficiency. With MAKIRA we bring forth an automated, cognitive, and technology-based document handling solution.

Abstract digital city scape with digital numbers representing MAKIRA revolutionizing workplace efficiency

Revolutionizing Workplace Efficiency

We are committed to drastically cutting down the time and resources devoted to manual operations. Through the elimination of mundane tasks and fewer manual accounting errors, we strive for a future of optimal efficiency.

MAKIRA integrates AI - like this robot and human hand touching

Guided by a Vision of Artificial Intelligence

Our mission is to harness the transformative power of AI to significantly reduce manual handling time and resources and ultimately elevate overall business productivity to new heights.

Our History

For over three decades, the minds behind MAKIRA have been rooted in innovation, trust, and collaboration. (With profound SAP technology and business process expertise, we’ve guided numerous clients across various sectors and regions through transformative journeys.) Our passion lies in crafting bespoke solutions that ensure our customers consistently outpace their competition.

Building the MAKIRA Legacy:
Knowledge Meets Innovation.

In a world where businesses grapple with the challenges of data management and operational efficiency, MAKIRA emerged as a new approach of transformative solutions. Named after an owl species renowned for its wisdom and intelligence, MAKIRA encapsulates these attributes, offering trailblazing solutions that from now on reshape how businesses operate.

Rooted in over three decades of experience, MAKIRA’s foundation rests upon a deep knowledge of SAP technology and meticulous business processes. This expertise is not just a byproduct of time; it’s a testament to the countless enterprises across diverse sectors and regions that our team and company holding guided through their evolution. We are guided by innovation, trust, and a passion for collaboration.

More than just a service provider, MAKIRA represents a philosophy. One that believes in empowering clients to not just meet but exceed their potential. We’ve always placed our clients at the heart of our operations, focusing on tailor-made solutions designed to give them a competitive edge. It’s this unwavering dedication that has seen us lead businesses into the future, with AI-driven approaches that minimize inefficiencies, reduce errors, and usher in a new era of growth.

As we look back, our history isn’t just about the milestones we’ve achieved but the relationships we’ve built. Building the legacy of MAKIRA is one of partnership and progress. We invite you to join us on this journey, to embrace a better, more efficient future.

Meet our Dedicated Team of Product Owners and Technical Experts at MAKIRA.

Jonas, Director, Approval and Capture Products LoB

Jonas Winther Kvist

Director, Approval & Capture Products LoB

Aleksandrina, Global Delivery Manager

Aleksandrina Penkova

Global Delivery Manager

Tonny, Sales Director, Innovation and Technology

Tonny Roennow

Sales Director, Innovation & Technology

Bo, Senior Sales Manager

Bo Andersen

Senior Sales Manager

Line, Customer Relations Responsible

Line Frost

Customer Relations Responsible


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